Night Camp:

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Our Teen/ Pre-Teen night camp is full of

"Late Night Fun" for 10-14 year old girls!


We do an hour of gymnastics,

have a snack break,

and then to conclude the night,

we "Flip" into some exciting, and unique activities.


Some examples of these unique activities are:

a "Flip off the lights"- glow in the dark, dance party with a special host

a "Flip a pancake"- Bakeoff

And Many More!


The total price for this amazing, 3 week program is: $750

This price includes: All activities, An embroidered "Fliptastic" sweater, and all snacks!


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Registration Instructions:

  • Submit the registration form below, and then go to Shop, and checkout with the "Night Camp".
  • You will then receive a confirmation email, with instructions to Zelle a $200 deposit.
  • NO ONE is registered without a deposit.
  • The deposit will be deducted from the overall cost of the program.
  • The rest of the cost is to be Zelled by January 25th.
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